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31 thoughts on “Jalan Pacitan-Trenggalek Tertutup Longsor

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  2. Great article Stephanie, and a reminder to everyone involved – as an assessor, a company being assessed, or others that are using the 3rd party ratings and rankings – that the purpose, scope and limitations of any assessment is as important as the content itself. Once that is understood in context, 3rd party assessments serve a tremendous purpose in setting goals, staying focused on material issues, identifying priorities and opportunities, benchmarking and continuing to make progress forward.I agree that alignment with strategy is key.It is not necessary nor practical for a ‘one size fits all’, but rather finding the right fit, and sifting through the nearly 250 assessments to focus on those that have the most credibility, importance and relevance to your company strategy and stakeholders.A revisit to the article is made now after 3 years since last Oct 7,2014 in the context of recent activities on climate action, SDGs, other efforts of sustainable development and various changes happening around the globe. It is importantto make the real depended populations and vulnerable ecosystems as truebeneficiaries of climate action campaigns so thatthe weaker majority sections across the globe take the baton for climate actionforward by making real impact.

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